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The 2018 North Evo Kite

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

North has redesigned one of the best freeride kites on the planet, and now it's available to you. Introducing the 2018 North Evo!

Historically, there were too many similarities between the North Evo and North Rebel. Many riders used to make the decision between the two by whether or not they wanted to fly with 5 lines or not. Of course, they were more different than that, but it seems like line configuration was a big deal for many riders.

In 2018, North has increased the gap between these two legends by making the Rebel a bit more high-aspect and by making it available on 4 lines. The Evo looks a slight bit more medium aspect and is now a highly versatile 3-strut delta kite. 

North is hoping that you will experience better wind-range, upwind ability, and relaunch with the new Evo. And, of course, jumps and loops are still on the menu!