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Slingshot's How to Pack Your Kite

Posted by Roxy Glasser on

Keep Your Kite Crisp and Clean

Have you ever wondered how some kiters manage to master the perfect kite fold? Courtesy of Slingshot, we've got the easy 5-step process to keep your kite looking brand new regardless of it's age. 

5-Step Process:

1. After deflating your kite, fold from the wing tip to the first strut loosely.

2. From there, fold to the middle strut.

3. Roll the remainders of the kite in.

4. Repeat on the other side.

5. Fold the rolled kite in 3.

You've got no air stuck in the kite, no catching or snagging when pumping up, and best of all, no creases!

For more detailed kite packing instructions check out Slingshot's website.