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Ride With Blake: How to Ride Upwind in Light Wind

Posted by Angela Sorensen on

How to Ride Upwind in Light Wind - Ride with Blake: Vlog 16

For some, riding in light winds can be a little challenging. How can you ride upwind? Blake goes through the "Blake Necessities" on how to ride in lighter winds.

1. Get a big board or a foil

Look for something flatter with little rocker. Good suggestions are the North SpikeCabrinha Stylus, or Liquid Force Overdrive.

2. Shorten the wind window in strong winds - keep within the power zone

3. Perform S-turns with the kite to get movement and to generate power and lift

4. Go down wind in order to go upwind - don't get too ambitious with edging

5. Have fun and don't care about having to walk up the beach - practice, practice, practice!