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North Kiteboarding Academy / How to Relaunch a 5-Line Kite

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson: Relaunching Your 5th Line Kite

The 5th-line makes it easy to relaunch your kite, especially in low wind, when it is relied on to get your kite into the air.

If you lose hold of your bar when riding unhooked, hold on your safety line and hook back into your chicken loop. Now pull the fifth line until the kite starts to flip over. Before it flips completely, grab the bar floater on the upper side and pull it towards you. As you do this, the kite will start to move sideways and upwards, with the kite traveling to the edge of the wind window. Slowly release the fifth line. With the kite at the edge of the window, pull on the upper side of the bar to initiate take off, flying the kite gently to twelve o'clock.

Let's remember the key elements:

  1. Pull on your safety line and hook back in.
  2. Pull first on the fifth line to turn the kite almost on its back.
  3. Then pull on the floater to move the kite sideways and upwards.
  4. With the kite close to the edge of window, initiate take off.
  5. Fly the kite to twelve o'clock.

Pull in on the 5th line (red).

...until your kite flips over.

Pull on one outside line while holding the 5th line.

Bam—go time!