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Let's Chat: The Hype Behind the 2017 North Click Bar

Posted by Angela Sorensen on

The 2017 North Click Bar...The "Game Changer"? 

There have been a lot of new innovations coming out in the past couple years in the kiteboarding industry. And to tell you the truth, at first we were skeptical  when we first got word of the Click Bar. After seeing how simple, clean, and functional it is, however, we are absolutely sold. Of all the latest innovations, this might be our favorite to date. With 6 years of development and testing in secret, North is bringing an insanely refined and clever design to the market.

So, why would you want to get your hands on a click bar?

A few things to consider would be precision trimming that requires no strength or reach, automatic center line untwisting, and a one size fits all bar that is compatible with most modern kites.

Let’s start with the trim unit:

The trim unit enables you to power and de-power with precision. To power up, simply turn the winder unit clockwise. This will shorten the back lines.

To De-power, simply push the button in the middle of the winder.

The power display on the center of your bar will show you how much trim you have left.

This is fantastic, as you can quantify how much power you need at any given moment and really zero in on the sweet spot.

The benefits of this system would be:

No more reaching up like you would on a traditional above-the-bar depower system. There is no more worrying about loose trim lines wrapping around bar either. Also, there is no more depower line hitting your face if you forget to secure it.

Learn More About The Click Bar Here.

So who will benefit most from this bar?

Anyone looking for a clean simple bar with a stream-lined yet functional trim system. I know several of us in the shop will be using it on a variety of kites, some on brands other than North.

One thing to consider is the huge benefits to women and children or people with a shorter reach. Unlike a traditional trim system, no strength or reach is needed to trim the kite.

This will make trimming the kite easy and fast during gusty conditions, especially for anyone of any size or age! Riders of any discipline will benefit from how quickly you can adjust the power. Hooked in freestylers and freeriders, unhooked wakestyle freestyle riders, and wave riders will all enjoy how quickly and precisely you can trim your kite for that next trick or wave.

The click bar center line has a rectangular rubber / foam coating. When you spin your bar, the center line will spin and automatically unwind any twist.

The rubber coating will prevent wear on the center lines. This will result in a longer life expectancy of the center lines. On a side note, we really enjoy the feel of the ergonomic grip on the bar paired with this coating. This makes for a gentle feel on your hands and fingers

The stopper unit is nice and like any other will hold the bar in place whenever you need it to.

What makes it stand out is that with enough applied force, you can push the bar to full de-power.

The bar is compatible with most modern kites.

This is a very stream-lined, clean looking control bar. Even better, one size fits all and it will work on most brands, so long as they are using a modern flagging system. The V is adjustable and can be lowered incrementally with no tools. For those of you riding the Rebel, or fans of North's 5 line system, there will be a 5th line element upgrade kit. If you are curious on the benefits of a 5th line we have an instructional video for the 5th line relaunch very soon.

In summation, the click bar rules!

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