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Let's Chat: Aaron's Spring Kiteboarding Check List

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

Let's Chat: Aaron's Spring Kiteboarding Check List

For those of us that don’t live in the tropics, you’ve probably been tweaked, out of your mind, waiting for the weather to warm up so you can go kiteboarding. Hopefully, you’ve already had opportunities to get on the water before now.

And hopefully, you put your gear away neat and dry at the end of last season.


Just to be sure that everything is in top shape, I recommend that you take your kites out and pump them up to check for leaks, rips, and etc. Also, be sure to lay your lines out and check for any knots or abrasions. Also, check your harness to make sure that your straps and clips are good—and that it still fits. And give your leash a couple of release checks to be sure it works properly. Then, check your wetsuit, gloves, and booties for any signs of rips.


Check your boards for any dings that need to be repaired. And check your footstraps and fins to make sure the screws are still tight.

How about that one, all important piece of gear that you probably abuse on the regular—your pump? When was the last time you took yours apart and cleaned it out? Also, check the hose for cracks, and make sure your inflation adapters are still attached.

These few simple checks should help to ensure that your next session is spot-on!