kiteboarding: How to Butterslide "Ride with Blake"

kiteboarding: How to Butterslide "Ride with Blake"

The Butter Slide is hands down the easiest trick I’ll ever teach you. Just remember to come into this with good seed and power. The rest will sort its self out. 

Once you learn the butter slide, try to incorporate into tricks you already know like transition or even front rolls!

Step One

Start Small

Come in with good speed on your heel side edge, kite at 45. Ride slightly downwind lean back your your tail and put most of your weight on the back foot. At the same time, pull up with your front foot. Spray some water and ride the out until you start to lose speed. When your done, shift your weight back on the front leg, pull the bar all the way in and ride like normal.

Tips: Even though this trick is really easy, it's going to take a few tries to get the balance right. 

Step Two

Press Harder

After a few tries, you should pick this one up pretty quick. Start to really lean back and try to drag your hand in the water. The faster you go and the harder you press, the better this one looks. You’ll also be able to slide longer if you have enough speed and power.

Tips: Your legs might get tired the first day you try this don't sweat it if it takes a couple sessions to build up some strength. 

Step Three

Toe Side Butter Slide.

All you have do do on this step is ride topside. Ride slightly downwind and put most of your weight on the tail and topside edge of your board. Everything else is the same. 

This makes the trick look a little more critical and is great for good photo. You always see this one in magazines!

Tips: It looks even better if you pop right into the toeside butter slide. 

Written and produced by Blake Olsen and Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

Blake Olsen

A Michigan boy through and through (even though he was born in Saudi Arabia), Blake is a youth with a lifetime of experiences and adventures. Not only that, he's passionate about sharing his zest for life with others. He is proficient at many fields, including kiteboarding and acting as concierge to any who simply ask. Looking for an adventure? Well, Blake is your guy. From sailing the Gulf and the Caribbean to backpacking Hawaii and Southeast Asia, he knows his stuff and can make your vacation into an adventure.


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24th Jul 2018 Blake Olsen

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