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Kiteboarding: 3 Tips for Riding More

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

As any dedicated wind-chaser knows, it can be challenging to balance work, life and kiteboarding. Sometimes, we just can't get enough time on the water.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you out!

  1. Subscribe to Wind Alerts via
  2. Keep your gear with you at all times.
  3. Communicate with your significant other.

The Alert is one of the most important sites/apps for kiteboarders who want real-time wind data from around the world. Not only can you access wind speed, direction and forecasts, but you can also subscribe to receive real-time wind alerts. That’s right, just set wind speed, direction and notification limits for your home beach and you’ll get an alert when the wind picks up at your local spots. It’s very easy to set up and worth every penny. Of course, the challenge here will be in containing yourself during that important meeting when you know for sure that it’s nuking on the water. Good luck with that.

• Available in both desktop and iOS app (links below).

The Gear

Next, try to find a way to keep your kite gear with you. Of course, this won’t be possible for everyone. However, if you can find a way, make it happen. It never fails that you’ll be in between work and home and the wind will fire up. If you have to stop at home to grab you gear and then head back to the beach, there’s a good chance you’ll get sidetracked by something or someone and you’ll miss a session.

A good way to save valuable space in your car/van/truck/etc. is to use compression bags like the ones from ION and Dakine. Compression bags will seriously pack your kites down to nearly half the size of the manufacturer's bag that came with your kite. They save tons of space and make your kites a bit more incognito if theft is a concern in your area. Also, pick up a “golf-style” travel bag so that you can keep your gear packed and ready at all times. Then, you can quickly pull your kite gear out when you need more space for that grocery run.

The Talk

Last, but definitely not least, is communication. A healthy relationship with a wind-junkie can be challenging. We’re always chasing the wind, thinking about the wind, talking about the wind, scheduling things around the wind, and so on. It’s a wonder anyone would put up with us.

During the windy season, make a point to talk with your significant other about the forecast for the week—every week. This way, they’ll at least have a heads-up that you’re going to be tweaking for a session when it’s windy or available for something else when it’s not. Courtesy goes a looooong way. Also, be sure to be productive for “your team” on non-wind days. Get after housework, fix-it stuff, lawn duty, etc.

Here’s a curveball—weddings. It will always be windy on a day that you have to go to a wedding. Guaranteed. Fighting this one usually turns out bad, so suck it up, power through and live to ride another day.

Sometimes it’s good to remind your significant other about the opportunities that you’ve missed because they’re probably not aware of it. Try putting frowny-face stickers on the fridge calendar for every day that you could have gone kiting. This will give a good visual clue to the non-winder about your current level of tweak and may glean an ounce or two of sympathy.

If that doesn’t help, try the “Winder-Jack”. This is where you only shave on days that you’ve gone kiteboarding. Depending on the season, this could be severe and may result in your looking like a lumberjack. Use sparingly for best results.

Hopefully you can put some of these tips to good use and get yourself some quality time on the water this season.

Good winds, and cheers to your next session!


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