2019 Slingshot Wake Foil Comparison Sessions w/ Rygo Ep03

Last week, Nathan Brad and myself decided to take some of the 2019 slingshot foils out to film and test. We promised to start doing some versus videos on our Foil Fridays series a while back and now it's time to really dive in. 

We'll be doing kite reviews, surf reviews and wake reviews on many of our foils. This week, we wanted to test the wake applications of these three foils. Part of doing through reviews here is taking notes on our sessions 

Here are our first impressions. 

Rider notes 


Brad Doren 

Weight: 185

Kiteboarding I Foilboarding I Wakeboarding I Dirt biking 

You can catch Brad on the phones, shipping kiteboarding packages or working on electric bikes and skate boards. When he's not working here or riding, he's probably in his garage building motorcycles or spending time with his growing family. 

Foils Tested: 

Slingshot  Space SkateGammaInfinity 76  

Space Skate:

I found the space skate ( H4) to be a very lively foil behind the boat. We started off riding on the second wake. The first thing I noticed was how quick and playful the wing was. The Space Skate is very fast heel to toe and you can slip the foil side to side. That is where the looser skate feeling comes from. The wing is a little smaller compared to the infinities but I was still able to generate some speed with pumping to stay in the further back wakes. You can make the second wake work with it but I prefer the first wake. Being so quick and snappy you could really have fun with the bigger wake and not worry about running into the back of the boat.


The Gamma ( H2 ) is a great in between compared to the Infinity 76 and Space Skate. The wing likes to have a little more power so I found it best suited for the first wake. One of the main reasons is because it doesn't have as much glide. You can feel a little more drag while riding. The wider wing and flatter profile give it more side to side stability. If I had to choice an all around wing to learn on this would be the one.

The 2019 Gamma seems to have a more track like feel, more power and is easier to use. 

Infinity 76:

New for this year is the Infinity 76. This wing was my personal favorite of the day. You could take you pick on whichever wake you desire and just have fun. You can take it up to the first wake but i found it really shines on the second. It is a larger wing so its not quick as the Space Skate but it is very efficient. Think of it as more of a long board on a wave rather than a short board. It is still a lot of fun just a little slower on the turns. You can really pump your way around the wake and recover when you drop to far back. This wing paired up with a smaller board such as the 3'6 dwarf craft makes for a fun time behind the boat.   

The 2019 slingshot Infinity 76 is incredibly easy to use.


Nathan Patterson 

Weight: 185 lbs

Kiteboarding I Foilboarding I Wakeboarding I Bike

Nate has been with us since 2011. If you have any questions about kiteboarding, snowboarding, skiing, electric bikes, or foilboards, chances are, Nate knows the answer. You can catch him on the phones most days of the week or on our showroom floor. He practices a number of sports and is a avid mountain biker.  

Foils Tested:

Slingshot Space Skate, Gamma, Infinity 76 

The Space skate, the infinity and the gamma aren't too dissimilar. If you have a solid boat you can make any of these foils work. There were some noticeable differences. 

The Gamma has a bit more drag to it, while the Space Skate has a more pivotal turn. I did notice that the Gamma has more of a track like feel. Beginners will likely have an easier time on the Gamma. 

The Space Skate pumps really well compared to the other foils. It generates lot of lift and power when pumping.  This is the most lively of the foils we tested. Riders who are looking for something more playful are really going to enjoy this. The infinity does offer an advantage for riders who have a smaller boat, smaller wake, or are just getting started. Behind the boat, it's not a huge step away from the Gamma. For new riders, this is also going to be a great option.  

We'll be making a point to put more time in on these foils behind the kite and in the surf as well. Stay tuned for more Foil Fridays content in the coming weeks as well. This was a content mission for me so I didn't get much testing in myself on this excursion but I'm not going to complain. 

If you have any questions about the gear don't hesitate to give us a call 800 622 4655 or hit us up on our live chat




P.S, I've included a bit of literature from our product pages so you can read more about these wings. 

2019 Slingshot HG Space Skate Front Wing

One of the most playful wings that you will find for hydro-foiling. The Space Skate 65cm wing has a dihedral "gull wing" shaped profile. This gull wing design allows the wing to quickly transition from edge to edge and bring the foil back under your feet after the turn is completed. 

This makes the foil feel bouncy and skateboard-like in its turns. Since this wing does not have a high top speed, it encourages that type of freeriding. Due to its popularity, the Space Skate has earned its spot as the front wing for the 2019 Slingshot FKite foil and paired with a new 28" mast for new foilers and the growing freeride group. 

This wing is unique in size and shape and it does not have many similar attributes to anything currently in the industry. It's best to ignore the surface area on this one as it rides roughly 20% smaller than it's measurements indicate and does have a relatively low top end speed due to its drag.

Where does this fit in the scheme of things?

Slingshot Gamma 

Made for low speeds, small surf and smaller wake. The Gamma is stable and user friendly. 

Infinity 76 

A long awaited addition and new favorite for everyone who has tried it. The Slingshot Infinity 76cm foil has been winning hearts at record pace with its low speed lift had higher than expected top end speed. Hence, it's position as the wing for the new 2019 FSurf foil package. Designed for surf hydrofoiling, the Infinity 76cm wing has great low speed lift for small waves, enough maneuverability to remain fun, and great top speed to keep your glide and beat the fastest sections with ease.

This wing has also been exceptionally popular with our freeride kiteboarders for lightly powered riding. The growing contingent of freeride kite foilers love this wing for light winds, small kites, downwind swell riding, and growing their carving or footwork trick arsenals.

Wake foilers will appreciate this wing in the same way as surfers, it rides with ease in the smallest wake and keeps speed. This wing makes any boat a great wake foiling boat. Closest references in the market would include Gofoil Iwa, Cloud P27 Ghost Rider, Naish Thrust Surf XL, and Delta Mega Surf.


Kite   Duotone Dice I Twintip Naish Stomp I Foil Cloud P27

Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

Just a dude from a kite shop testing all the gear one session at a time.

Many people dream of quitting their job, traveling the world and pursuing their passions. Rygo is one of those people who pulled the trigger. About eight years into a postal career, he decided to change everything and travel as a freelance videographer & writer. This took him from coast to coast and a variety of countries. Nowadays you can catch him on the phones, doing lessons, or working on videos. Of course, he still makes a point to travel as often as possible. His mission is to help people and share the stoke with his customers and students alike. Get out there and kiteboard.


Producer of: Ride with Blake I Sessions I Versus I Destinations I Foil Fridays 

1st Aug 2018 Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

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