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Liquid Force Hydrofoil

Known for "Bringing foiling to the masses", Liquid Force was the first to bring an affordable option that the "every-man" could ride. Their Foil Fish design helped popularize kiteboard hydrofoiling with their low aspect lift, alloy design and molded wings. This marked a sharp transition towards the durable and easy-to-ride designs that are prevalent today. Nowadays, Liquid Force has honed their designs and offers a variety of options to suit any need.

Gary Siskar Talks with us about Liquid Force Foiling

Hey Gary, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today! Why did Liquid Force get into the foil game?

We got into the foil game because we fell in love with is that simple.

Short story for you: Brandon headed to Maui in 2013 to shoot and test future kites with Julien. Before the trip he bought, yes bought a hydrofoil, mounted it to a wake skate and set off on the trip. All of us sort of chuckled and wrote it off. Couple weeks later, Gregg Gnecco, Jason Slezak and I headed to Maui to connect with Brandon and Julien to continue the product testing and, lo and behold, here is Brandon jamming around on the foil having a blast in very substandard wind. At that point, we all decided to give it a try and immediately with the first 5-yard rides we got the feel and fell in love. And at that moment we knew kite hydrofoiling would have a place and a reason to be a part of every kiteboarder's life.

Keep in mind, at this time, the kite hydrofoil movement was leaning to the race side. Liquid Force was never inspired by the race board scene; we all tried it and it was not that fun for us... so our pursuit in that genre never took off. But with the hydrofoil, we could see early on that the tree would have many branches diverting from race. We could see that the free ride, free style, and light wind branches would be just as strong as the race scene, if not stronger, and I think we are seeing that now in 2017! Read More....

Cloud IX Wing Compatibility

Liquid Force does not currently make surf foils. They do, however, manufacture the parts for Cloud 9 Hydrofoils. The collar, mast, fuselage, and hardware are identical to the Liquid Force design. This makes Cloud 9 wings and other components compatible with Liquid Force foils. The Truster wings will require a special shim to work with the standard or carbon fuselage, as will the Cloud IX wings to fit the HD fuselage.

Some popular choices to pair with your Liquid Force foil would be...