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Bar and Lines


Another perfect day of kiting. The wind is fair, the sun is warm, and the water is cool. Everything about this experience makes it one that will go down the books as a great ride. But, then, just like a thundercloud that passes by on a picnic, you feel one of your front lines snap. Then a back line, then another line. Losing control you wipeout, losing your kite. You wake up in a cold sweat and realize that it was all just a dream. You rush to your garage and check your lines. Your fears have been confirmed as you notice some wear on your lines. Was your subconscious telling you to change your lines? Perhaps. You scratch your head, thinking of a place that may have your lines. Bam! The thought comes to you like lightning hitting a metal rod. I’ll head onto MACkite’s site, they’re sure to have my lines there. And, to your relief, they do. You replace your lines and grab an extra set, happy that you are able to ride safely on that water again.