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Lift Hydrofoil

Longtime custom board maker Lift Hydrofoils has been a major player in the kite foiling industry as well. We have been enjoying these handmade, full-carbon products since 2013 and many of us learned to hydrofoil on them. Lift products are a work of functional art that showcases limitless testing and quality materials. Designs range from the fastest race foils to large surf or SUP hydrofoils to suit nearly every need.

What Lift Has to say...

We use the finest materials on the market, and design the layup of each component to match its purpose. Our hydrofoil components are built primarily with carbon fiber, but also with kevlar, fiberglass, stainless steel, high density cores, and high performance epoxies.

Our foil boards are built with an EPS core, a PVC foam skin, carbon and glass fiber laminates & high density cores in areas of greater stress. The cores are CNC cut, molded and then laminated with a vacuum bag for the best adhesion possible. Our products are finished with the highest quality paints and clear coats available on the market.

In the world of hydrofoils, there is no substitute for the best. The team at Lift Hydrofoils has been working for years to create an all-round, user-friendly foil that people can grow with. We use the highest performance materials and spare nothing in terms of design and quality so that our customers receive the absolute best. Not to mention that our parts are top quality at a competitive price. The foil demands precision and balance in order to function properly and we make sure that you get just that.

Tucker Interviews MHL's Co-Founder & Head Engineer Nick Leason

Hey Nick, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today!

No worries.

Let's jump right into this. When did MHL start?

We started in 2010.

And when did you get on the hydrofoil train?

How did we get on the train...

The first composite foil out there for a commercial market was the Carafino. I met Carafino in 2008 and fell in love with hydrofoiling. I started learning and working on my own gear right away. It turned into a small business. We were the first outfit in the Americas to be building composite hydrofoils. There was also a small group in France that was working on the same. Between us and the French, things started to move forward in the world of hydrofoiling.

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  • Classic 110

Virtually anything you want to do on a foil can be done on this wing. Modeled after our most popular wing set, the Classic can foil from 10 knots to 30 knots, sails smoothly upwind and downwind, and surfs swells with ease. Its surface area of 110 square inches gives you a stable platform under your feet to maximize lift and control at a wide range of speeds. It's ideal for free riding, carving, and learning as it allows you to progress by taking you as fast as you want to go.

  • Big Easy 150

The Big Easy is ideal for learning and riding at lower speeds. The larger surface area - 150 square inches - will slow you down and offer lift at lower speeds and lighter winds. Ideal for riders over 200 lbs.

  • Wave Rider 170

The Wave Rider is ideal for those looking to surf /SUP on foil. As our largest wings - 170 square inches - it allows plenty of lift at lower speeds with heavier loads. It was designed to allow the rider to exponentially gain speed and smoothly carve a big cutback in waves.

  • Signature Race 90

To those looking to go over 30 knots and seeking new thrills, these are the wings for you. Our signature race wing is built with extra carbon to give it maximum rigidity and control while the smaller surface area - 90 square inches - allows you to go faster. Increased speed is required to get up on foil, but once you're lifted the wing locks in giving you greater stability and a whole new sensation up in the air.

Lift Foil Masts

Our masts are built with sleek geometry, excellent rigidity and very strong construction for a smooth and controlled ride. Unlike most aluminum masts on the market, ours is composed of carbon fiber and Kevlar (known for its use in bulletproof vests). These more suitable materials are much more efficient than aluminum in translating the energy from your feet to the wings, giving you an increased level of control and an overall smoother ride.

The connection points to the board and fuselage are 100% forged carbon with stainless steel inserts, adding strength to the foil and making it very easy to take apart and put together. This allows you to conveniently change the mast depending on your preferred ride, level of expertise, or water depth.

Our mounting track system allows you to adjust the position of the mast by sliding it forward or backward to change the pressure on your feet. Sliding it forward will put more pressure on your front foot; sliding it back will put the pressure on your back foot. It comes down to rider preference, but the best way to find that "sweet spot" is to have options and try them all.

Mast Options:

  • The wave rider 28"
  • The rookie 32"
  • The standard 36"