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  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 170
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  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 150
  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 170
  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 150
  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 170
  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 170
  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 170
  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 150
  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 170

Lift Foils Classic Wing 170

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Product Description

2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 170

A one-piece modular wing designed to fit all Lift Struts, the Classic Wing 170 is a lightweight, thinner profile high-performance carbon fiber wing engineered specifically to maximize speed and minimize drag to move fast and allow you to connect waves. The Classic 170 includes a custom Lift wing bag, Lift sticker, 1 hex tool, and 2 screws. 

What Lift has to say about the Classic Wing 170

We are very proud to introduce our new one-piece wing designs that offer superior strength and performance. The wing serves as a critical component in the stability of the foil at any speed. At Lift, we offer five variants of wings for our eFoils and classic foils. Each lightweight wing is specifically engineered, made of high-performance carbon fiber, and is a modular one-piece designed to fit all Lift Foils Struts. 

The 170 wing maximizes speed, and minimizes drag to move faster through the water to connect multiple waves and carve sharper turns.

eFoil  This is a shop favorite. With its larger surface area, but thinner profile, this wing offers the float without the added resistance. You can slow it way down and you can still push the limits of speed without losing control. The 170 locks in at speeds that really match the waves be it in a lake or the ocean. This is Lift’s “backcountry powder board”.

Kite  A favorite amongst the crowd that loves to cruise. Minimal wind required and an awesome experience for surfing some waves. It’s the ultimate light wind and easy to use wing.

Surf  This is Lift’s go to wing for waves that have some push to them and demand speed. Riders can surf this wing from knee high to overhead. Unlike most surf wings on the market, Lift’s 170 has very little drag due to its thinner profile and allows the rider to blaze past sections and carve high speed cutbacks. This is the best choice for pure performance.

Wake  If you are behind a boat, you are going to have plenty of float with this wing without the added drag, perfect for carving. It’s a great option for developing your skills as a foil surfer and it’s a wing that you will never get rid of.  With this wing you can ride the front wake or ride the back, the 170 can handle it all.

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