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iSUP - Inflatable Paddleboards


SUP is more than just trying to get an ab-workout or trying to get a tan. It’s about attempting to transcend your mind and body above your normal limits. Feeling the board underneath your feet, the hot sun beaming on your exposed skin, the stabilizing cooperation between your toes and the water. These are the things that make SUPing more than just a sport - it’s a lifestyle. As with any lifestyle, it’s bound to change over time. The SUP game has changed just as much, with its introduction of the inflatable stand up paddleboards. Inflatable SUPs feature PVC exteriors with drop-stitch construction that creates an air core.

The idea seems a little off - I mean, why change something that already works? But, when you think about it, original SUPs are often large, bulky, and cumbersome to carry from your house to your car, from your car to the beach and back. Inflatable boards are very durable, light to carry, and easy to store. They’re great for the avid traveler looking to catch some rays while on a business vacation. They’re great for the garage junkies that have too many projects taking up space. They’re great for any young college student trying to save as much space as possible in their already tiny apartment. Inflatable SUPs fit a wide variety of riders and are a good alternative to the original.

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