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  • the best way to get up and riding on a foil

Intro to Foilboard Lesson

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Intro to Foilboard Lesson

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If you’re here, odds are good you’ve seen foilboarding and wondered what there really is to this new endeavour in the sport - riding up above the water in virtually no wind. The whole idea may seem intimidating at first; however, when you take the kite out of the picture, things get remarkably easier, especially with easy, hands-on teaching from our experienced instructors. The use of our shop jetski enables you to quickly and easily gets hours’ worth of experience behind a kite packed into a single hour. This hour-long lesson provides you and a friend with hands-on instruction and support to help you get up and riding on the foil, and start your new addiction. You will need to bring a friend along to act as spotter and/or switch off on the foil, and the $99 covers both students.

*Two people per session for $99 total*

Get Foiling!

Where: This lesson takes place at our local spring-fed inland Pottawatomie Bayou for sake of easy learning conditions, less traffic, and warmer water in case you get cold feet easily.

What: We use our shop jetski to efficiently get you up and riding in the water - it’s a lot easier to maneuver around a little lake and keeps the instructor within earshot of you at all times. We’ve got several foils available on hand, including the Liquid Force Rocket Fish with Happy Foil and the Slingshot Simulator with wake foil - great boards to learn on.

When: Whenever we can get you scheduled! Give us a ring at 800-622-4655 and we can get a time worked out for you. 

Bonus points: if the DNR isn’t around, our instructor will even go shirtless for you.