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Hydrofoils by Brand

Choosing the correct foil and board can be a dizzying affair. Sometimes, the best place to start in that journey is finding a brand whose design method meets your needs. Each brand has their own offering, component design, and benefits. This list should help narrow your choices, but feel free to reach out to us for the best recommendation. We can be reached by online chat, phone at 800.622.4655, or email.

Amundson Customs

Handmade foil boards for surfing or stand up paddleboarding. Made in Hawaii with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Cabrinha Hydrofoils and Foilboards

Cabrinha is well known in the kiteboarding industry for quality. Their current foil offering is limited to the double agent foil and board but we look forward to more great choices in years to come.

Cloud IX Hydrofoils

Cloud IX foils have quickly grown to be a favorite in the surf and for lightwind kiteboarding. Their lightweight yet durable construction provides an optimal mix of performance and affordability. Manufactured by Liquid Force, their parts are easy to come by and compatible with all Liquid Force foil wings and accessories.

Delta Hydrofoils

Delta Foils is the brainchild of George Hyadil, well known for his F4 design in foil racing. His most recent endeavor has been developing surf and SUP foils to meet the increasing demand. His handmade carbon creations are some of the most refined and lightweight products that we offer.

GoFoil Hydrofoils

Racecraft maker Alex Aguera's surf foil brand, GoFoil, has been in Surf and SUP foiling from the beginning. Their designs continue to push the limits of what is possible with regard to design and quality. Once only a tuttle compatible foil, the addition of a tuttle to track adapter now allows most foilboards the opportunity to ride with a GoFoil beneath it.

Lift Hydrofoils and Foilboards

Longtime custom board maker Lift Hydrofoils has been a major player in the kite foiling industry as well. We have been enjoying these handmade, full carbon products since 2013 and many of us learned to hydrofoil on them. Lift products are a work of functional art that showcases limitless testing and quality materials. Designs range from the fastest race foils to large surf or SUP hydrofoils to suit nearly every need.

Liquid Force Hydrofoils and Foil Boards

Known for "Bringing foiling to the masses", Liquid Force was the first to bring an affordable option that the "every-man" could ride. Their Foil Fish design helped popularize kiteboard hydro foiling with their low aspect lift, alloy design and molded wings. This marked a sharp transition towards the durable and easy-to-ride designs that are prevalent today. Nowadays, Liquid Force has honed their designs and offers a variety of options to suit any need.

Moses Hydrofoils and Foil Boards

As the leader in speedy foils, Moses is no stranger to the podium. However, their beautiful and robust build quality is also prized by freeride foilers everywhere.  With a variety of foil options to hone your ride for whatever kind of performance you need and any condition, Moses is sure to satisfy any foiler for the long haul.

Naish Hydrofoils and Foil Boards

Naish foils have been largely popular as of late due to the antics of Kai Lenny, a jaw-dropping waterman who has world class skill in kiteboarding, surfing, SUP, and windsurfing sports. His contributions to the sport are numerous and, until just recently, it has been done on Naish foils and boards. Naish modular Thruster hydrofoils are designed for kiteboarding, surfing, SUP, and windsurfing but have also become a popular choice for wake foilers. Naish offers one of the largest varieties of foil boards with an option to fit almost any situation.

Neil Pryde Hydrofoils

Designed for windsurfing but also great for kiteboarding with the appropriate connection, Neil Pryde's foils are designed by George Hyadil of Delta foils. His years of knowledge in developing foils for the race and surf industry put him on the top of the list for innovation and speed. Neil Pryde's history of production and quality provides ample support as well as a budget-friendly price.

North Hydrofoil and Foil Boards

North Kites has a fresh new offering that boasts affordability, versatility, and fresh thinking.

Pyzel Surfboards and Foil Boards

Legendary Northshore board-builder John Pyzel is well known for his micro-detailed shortboard designs. Most recently recognized as the shaper who is trusted by athletes such as John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Mark Healey, Jack Freestone, Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman, Billy Kemper, Sally Fitzgibons, Ryan Hipwood, and more, John and the team got into foiling as something to do between large Hawaiian swells- and the rest is history.

Slingshot Hydrofoils and Foil Boards

Arguably the current market leader, Slingshot makes foils for kiteboarding, surfing, SUP, wakefoiling, and windsurfing. Their modular Hover Glide platform offers unlimited versatility with multiple wing options for each sport. Not the lightest foils we offer, but Slingshot has proven to be the most durable and long-lasting product currently on the market.

Ride Engine Hydrofoils

Once-custom harness manufacturer has teamed up with 7 Nation (Slingshot) to expand their offering to include a full range of harnesses, wetsuits, accessories and now surf hydrofoils. What is essentially a re-brand of the Slingshot Hover Glide platform, the Ride Engine products offer a legacy product with years of proven performance, durability, and easy service with that Ride Engine-branded flavor.