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Windsurfing Foiling

Hydro-foiling windsurfers have gotten immensely popular as of late due to their ability to fly in nearly no wind and cut through rough chop smoothly. As with kiteboarding, this opens up more ride-able days and adds fun to those lesser wind days.


  • Long mast (30-40") to handle waves and chop
  • Long fuselage for stability and pitch stability
  • Full range of wing sizes to adapt for speed, conditions, and riding style. (90-280 sq in)
  • Tuttle is the most popular type of board connection
  • Most boards range in size from 6'-8' with some models as long as 12'
  • Most boards have the option to mount footstraps or hooks

MACkite Windsurfing hydrofoils data chart showing weight, price, and board connection.

Front wing dimentions of Windsurfing Hydrofoils offered by MACkiteboarding

Lift properties of Windsurfing Hydrofoils sold by Mackiteboarding