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Hydrofoil Kiteboarding

Hydrofoiling has quickly become the latest craze in kiteboading - even to us, it seems to be new and more innovative with every passing season. While the hydrofoil kiteboard is newer, hydrofoiling in general dates back to 1906, with a hydrofoil boat crafted by Italian engineer Enrico Forlanini. From there, it's moved on to skis, to sit-down foilboards, to kiteboards.

So what's so great about hydrofoiling? Well, to be honest, we were skeptical too. It used to be dangerous to learn, but with today's technology, our brands are able to create a safe, fun experience for all levels of riders. Hydrofoiling allows you to kite in a multitude of conditions - don your mast and wing tips for some light wind riding, or take them off and enjoy a nice surfstyle ride. With hydrofoiling, it's a new experience every time, even for the most seasoned kiter. Hydrofoiling is a fun experience for all, and if you want to hear more, feel free to chat it up with Brad or Tucker!