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How to Throw a Raley

By Aaron Johnson

I'm Aaron with here to talk with you about throwing a Raley. It's one of the first tricks--kind of like the Ollie with a skateboard--it really loads into a bunch of other tricks in kiteboarding. Once you've got that Raley really down firm you can build that into some other tricks, going into some fronts and backs and then building those into blind landings and different things.

You need to think about keeping the kite at 45, bear off right toward the kite for just a second, unhook, keep your hands close together on the bar, and then rail as hard as you can against that kite. Let your arms go to full extension and just pop and think about, well, think about trying to kick yourself in the back of the head with your board. That'll get it nice and high--you want to try to get that board over your head--and then, about peak, you'll start to look for your landing. Come in, suck it up, bend your knees, absorb the flat, and ride away clean and claim it.