Using a Loop with a Trainer

Kiteboarding FAQs: Using a Harness Loop with a Trainer Kite


Question: Can I use a harness and harness loop with my Rush Pro 350 trainer kite or any trainer kite for that matter?

Answer: A harness loop for a trainer kite Great call with the trainer. You will learn much faster and actually save some money on lesson time. I recommend you spend a good 6-10 hours of flying prior to lessons.

You can add a harness loop to your trainer kite. MACkiteboarding will even throw one in for free when you purchase a trainer if you ask them.

It is important to remember that there is no quick release on the harness loop. You can only get free by pulling the kite down and out of the fixed loop on your kiteboarding trainer kite. In winds less than 15mph it's not a big deal since you will only slide so far on the ground. When the winds increase to over 20mph, things can get pretty interesting quite quickly. You will want to use good judgment and leave yourself a lot of room downwind if you are getting dragged and can't get the loop free from your harness. In the old days of kiteboarding everyone rode on fixed loops and some pretty bad things could happen.

Check out using a trainer kite to improve your skills prior to hooking in.

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