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GoPros are some of the most amazing pieces of technology. They focus on having a central camera that is able to travel with you, documenting your experience as you travel. If you don a head mount or a "selfie stick", you can have a 3rd person filming experience. If you're looking to film others, just place it on a tripod and guide the GoPro as necessary.

GoPro's latest equipment, the GoPro Hero4, has all of the award-winning technology you would expect in a waterproof outdoor camera. With the new HERO4 GoPro camera, you'll see the world's most immersive video available with the new SuperView, a GoPro-Exclusive video mode that captures the world's most immersive wide-angle perspective. Capture the blue skies and even bluer waters with Protune, a new setting that is able to allow you to manually control the White Balance, Color, ISO Limit, Sharpness, Shutter, and Exposure Value Compensation for the ultimate in customization.