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  • Go Foil Triple Surf Package

GoFoil Triple Surf Package

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Product Description

GoFoil Triple Surf Package


This is the package that every serious surf foiler wants.  For small to average sized riders, the triple surf package includes all the wings you need to make your quiver ready for any condition.  Large surfers may want to consider the Kai, Iwa, Maliko 200 package instead.  This is also a great package for kite surfers who want to freeride in a wide range of conditions without the need for massive kite quivers.  Pick your mast size and board connection to match your conditions and board. Just remember that adapters add roughly 3.5" of mast height when in use.

What GoFoil has to say about the Triple Surf Combo

This package includes:

  • Nalu front wing
  • Kai front wing
  • Iwa front wing
  • Kai tail wing
  • Iwa tail wing
  • Front wing cover
  • Tail wing cover
  • Mast cover
  • Wing suitcase
  • Mallet, screw driver and screws

Compare Go Foil wings

 Under 140 lbs140-180 lbs180-210 lbs
Surfboard – small waves Nalu/Kai Kai/Iwa Iwa/Maliko 200
Surfboard – large waves Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
SUP – small waves Kai/Iwa Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200
SUP – large waves Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
Downwind on surfboard Iwa Iwa/Maliko 200 Maliko 200
Downwind on SUP Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200 Maliko 200/Maliko 280
Kiteboarding Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
Wakeboarding Nalu/Kai/Iwa Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200
Windsurfing Nalu/Kai Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200

Compare Go Foil masts

 Under 140 lbs140-180 lbs180-210 lbs
Surfboard 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
SUP 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
Wakeboarding 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
Downwind on surfboard 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
Downwind on SUP 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
Kiteboarding 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
Windsurfing 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″

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