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Delta Foils

Delta foils is the brainchild of George Hyadil, well known for his F4 design in foil racing. His most recent endeavor has been developing surf and SUP foils to meet the increasing demand. His handmade carbon creations are some of the most refined and lightweight products that we offer. Delta offers both deep tuttle and plate mount options. While we tend to stock the plate mount for the most adjustable and durable connection, we can also swap those out for a deep tuttle if you wish.

What Delta has to say about their construction

Delta Hydrofoils are made with the process of carbon fiber; closed molded construction provides the required strength and stiffness to achieve the highest performance. Our foils, wings and stabilizers are 100% carbon fiber, molded in a single one-piece compression molded lamination. Where required, ultra high modulus carbon is used and provides extremely high stiffness. Unidirectional fabrics are used extensively within the laminate. Delta Hydrofoil prides themselves in creating the best hydrofoils. The best part is that everything is made in the USA!