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Cloud IX Hydrofoil

Cloud IX foils have quickly grown to be a favorite in the surf and lightwind kiteboarding situations. Their lightweight yet durable construction provides an optimal mix of performance and affordability. Manufactured by Liquid Force, their parts are easy to come by and compatible with all Liquid Force foil wings and accessories. Cloud 9 really shines in their ability to quickly prototype and test designs. We expect more wing options soon.

Cloud 9 hydrofoils feature these benefits:

  • Durable yet lightweight alloy and carbon construction.
  • 27" mast for versatile performance in small to large waves
  • Plate connection for track boxes. This allows for the strongest connection as well as adjustable mast positioning.
  • A variety of wing choices for your weight, skill, and conditions
  • Compatible with Liquid Force's current hydrofoil products. Some popular Liquid Force accessories would include: