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  •  Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard
  •  Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard
  •  Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard
  •  Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard
  •  Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard
  •  Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard
  •  Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard
  •  Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Boosted Boards 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard

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Product Description

Boosted Boards 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Specifications   |   Features

Comes with: Board, charger, bluetooth remote, strap, charging cable, and Quick Start Guide

Boosted is back with its second generation electric skateboard. This time, they're featuring the Dual and Dual+ - no single motor here! The new generation has the option for an extended range battery, offering 12 - 14 miles rather than the included 7 miles.  At the shop, we 've loved our Boosted Boards, and we're totally stoked about the 2nd generation. Either way, when you have quick trips to the ice cream shop, to the store, or to work, having an electric skateboard is a great way to get around town without having to add emissions from using a car. 

What Boosted has to say about the Dual+ Electric Skateboard


The Ultimate Electric Vehicle: With smooth braking, powerful electric motors, and simple wireless control, the Boosted board is an amazing riding experience. The 2nd Generation still has everything you love, including the Loaded bamboo deck, a high-torque drivetrain, and industry-leading reliability, but also delivers key upgrades - an extended range battery pack, water-resistant electronics, and advanced connectivity. 

Boosted Community: Connect with our growing community of Boosted riders on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.


Wireless Handheld Control with Adjustable Power and Speed: Accelerate or apply the brakes easily with a simple, intuitive thumbwheel. Multiple ride modes let you set your speed according to your comfort level.  Now with an upgraded Bluetooth radio for secure link reliability.

Extremely Portable: Lightweight and easy to carry, you can use the board in conjunction with public transit or wherever your day takes you. Fully charges in one hour. In a rush? Get 85% charge in only 30 minutes (with standard range battery). 


Exactly the Range You Want: Boosted's industry-leading battery technology is now available in two options. The standard battery, with 99 watt-hours for 6-7 miles of range, is fully certified for passenger airliner travel when portability is at a premium.  The extended battery, with 199 Wh for 12-14 miles of range, is perfect for longer com-mutes and epic rides. Batteries are now user replaceable, allowing you to swap packs in minutes.

An Unmatched Ride Experience: The Loaded Vanguard deck, with a fiberglass-and-bamboo construction, provides natural suspension and damping over bumps, while delivering enough energy for a snappy, responsive ride. The 80mm Orangatang Kegel wheels soak up bumps for a smoother ride across a variety of surfaces.  These wheels, paired with custom-built trucks, allow for perfect carving.

Unlimited Connectivity: Ultra fast firmware upgrades to the remote, battery, and motor control processors ensure you’re always running the highest-performance and most trouble-free software. A high-power accessory port paves the way for headlights and other customization options. We can’t wait to see what you can do with it.

The World’s Best Electric Drive-train Is Now Even Better: Our belt-drive system magnifies the torque of the motor by 3x, giving you stronger brakes, faster acceleration, and steeper hill climbing than with hub motors. Boosted’s fully encased water-resistant electronics and motors means you can worry less about water damage. 


  • 2,000 watts of power
  • 22 mph top speed
  • Climbs 25% grade hills
  • 7 mile range with Standard Battery
  • 12 mile range with Extended Battery
  • Extra traction grip tape
  • 14.7 - 15.5 lbs (depending on battery type)


Speed: Reach exhilarating top speeds that get you there faster.

Hill-Climbing: Climb steep hills without breaking a sweat.

Remote Control: Control your ride with an ergonomic, bluetooth-enabled remote.

Range: Go up to 14 miles on a single charge.

Braking: Come to a stop quickly and easily with regenerative braking.

Amazing Ride Feel: The shock-absorbing bamboo deck and grippy 80mm wheels keep your ride smooth.



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