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Through no fault of your own, you just happened to find your kite nudged between two sharp rocks, with a punctured hole in your bladder. Of course it wasn’t your fault! The kite overpowered and made you crash, not the other way around. Obviously, the kite should pay for its own damaged parts. But it can’t. It’s inanimate. You sigh, unsure of what to do. Scratching your head as you stare at this kite, you remember the awesome website you bought your kite from. They were pretty cool. Maybe they have replacement kite bladders? When you’re home, in your pajamas, you check out MACkite. “Yes! They do have kite bladders!” You shout. With a click of a button, you’re that much closer to repairing your kite and getting back on the water. (You even grab an extra bladder just in case your kite decides to take a turn for the rocks again.)

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