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Best Kiteboarding

Best Kiteboarding launched in 2003, co-founded by visionaries Alex Shogren and Jeff Biege. Their early success in the kiteboarding industry was due largely to their aggressive marketing campaigns and an unconventional business model. These, coupled with extraordinary customer service, allowed Best Kiteboarding to quickly become a dominant force within the kiteboarding community. Since its nascency, Best Kiteboarding has been committed to innovation, both in its business practices and its core product line. This has recently included ventures such as the Best Kiteboarding “Golden Ticket”, the “Take Away and Save” program (aimed directly at reducing excess waste in the kiteboarding industry), numerous charitable collaborations, a generous “Fair and Reasonable” warranty service, and continuous improvement on their already highly functional and diverse kiteboarding kite and kiteboard offerings. These continued efforts have since allowed Best Kiteboarding to develop into one of the largest kiteboarding brands in the industry.

Best's Kiteboards

Many kiteboards in the Best Kiteboarding line utilize Paulownia for their wooden core. From a materials perspective, Paulownia is very light, fine grained, and warp resistant, lending itself to solid kiteboard construction. Paulownia trees are also extremely fast growing (up to 20 feet in one year!), and once harvested can regenerate from their root systems. With sustainability and global deforestation concerns gaining increasing traction, these attributes become that much more important. Other proprietary features exist that are unique to each Best kiteboard, and are further expounded upon under each specific product. Our favorite Best kiteboards include:

Best Spark 

The Spark is Best Kiteboarding’s most popular mid-range kiteboard, designed with huge freeride versatility, allowing for continued progression.

Best Breeze

The Best Breeze is an easy light wind and heavy rider twin tip kiteboard with a surprising amount of performance. 

All Best kiteboards come complete with all the requisite hardware, including footpads and footstraps, fins, and a handle.

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