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Best Kiteboarding

Best Kiteboarding launched in 2003, co-founded by visionaries Alex Shogren and Jeff Biege. Their early success in the kiteboarding industry was due largely to their aggressive marketing campaigns and an unconventional business model. These, coupled with extraordinary customer service, allowed Best Kiteboarding to quickly become a dominant force within the kiteboarding community. Since its nascency, Best Kiteboarding has been committed to innovation, both in its business practices and its core product line. This has recently included ventures such as the Best Kiteboarding “Golden Ticket”, the “Take Away and Save” program (aimed directly at reducing excess waste in the kiteboarding industry), numerous charitable collaborations, a generous “Fair and Reasonable” warranty service, and continuous improvement on their already highly functional and diverse kiteboarding kite and kiteboard offerings. These continued efforts have since allowed Best Kiteboarding to develop into one of the largest kiteboarding brands in the industry

Best Kiteboarding Kites

For those kiteboarders who were enamoured with the old Waroo, Best Kiteboarding has continued to innovate in an effort to deliver the most enjoyable experience to the rider. With their radical approach to the kiteboarding industry, Best Kiteboarding has had its fair share of not only successes, but missteps. Even in Best Kiteboarding’s misfires, a consistent, unifying mission can be traced. Take the HellFish. 

Best gained some infamy through the 2005 release of the HellFish, which touted the use of Cuben Fiber, a lightweight, silver material woven from different composite fibers. Being the first iteration of the cloth as kiteboarding sail, the fibers weren’t coated properly and prone to splitting from the seams, causing the kite to fall apart after just months of use. Receptive to this feedback, Best Kiteboarding refunded each customer who had bought a HellFish their full amount, and provided them a $100 voucher for any future purchase.

It may seem strange to bring up such a story, but it so clearly highlights those attributes that set Best Kiteboarding apart. First, it makes evident their commitment to innovation and propel the kiteboarding industry forward. Every large breakthrough is the product of a multitude of failures, some visible, as in the case of the hellfish, and others not. It also exemplifies Best Kiteboarding’s loyalty to their customers, issuing full refund and credit to boot.

This philosophy continues to permeate the brand today. Fortunately, the HellFish is long gone. Instead exists a robust arsenal of kiteboarding kites, offering something for whatever your riding style may be.

Best Kahoona

The Best Kahoona is optimized for all-around riding. If you are new to the sport, or like the ability to do a little of everything, the Kahoona is for you. 

Best TS

Borne out of the Taboo series, the TS is Best Kiteboarding’s most dynamic kite. Each size is designed specifically for the wind conditions it will likely be used in, meaning the 17 meter will feel and perform drastically different than the 9 meter. Best Kiteboarding created the TS for those kitesurfers who seek high performance without wanting to commit to a c-kite. 

Best Cabo

The Cabo was created in response to the growing amount of kiteboarders gravitating towards the surf experience. Fast turning, stable downwind drift, and durable construction all combine to make sure every surf session is better than the last. 

For more detailed information and technology specific to each kite, be sure to click through. If you are having trouble deciding, be sure to give us a call at 800-622-4655, and we’ll make sure to get you the Best gear!

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