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  • Be the Rebel North Rebel Kiteboarding Package

Be The Rebel North Rebel Package

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Product Description

Be The Rebel North Rebel Kiteboarding Package

This package comes 100% complete, including:

  • Kite, bar & lines, pump, & safety leash
  • Board, fins, foot straps & pads
  • Optional harness
  • Optional flotation vest 

This package is for the rider who absolutely must have a 2016 North Rebel. With a thoughtfully designed control bar, what seems to be never-ending depower, great relaunch, high performance, and snazzy color options, who can blame them for wanting it all? Pair this with a Liquid Force Edge or Airush VOX for easy learning, and you've got yourself one of the best packages on the market. Don't have a harness or flotation vest? We're got you covered - just add them in the drop-downs below. 

2017 North Rebel Kite

Over the past few years North has been making minor refinements to perfect their staple kites. In 2016 we saw changes in the aspect ratio throughout the different sizes to optimize performance. In 2017, there are some construction changes that will improve the wind range, the turning, and the durability.  As well, North has included a new 15 meter size. This will be a fantastic option for riders over 200 pounds looking to make the most out of their sessions.

This year North has changed the layout of the panels between the struts. Now instead of having 4 sections we have 8. This makes for a rounder canopy. Resulting in a larger wind range in each size.  this means you will spend less time deciding what size to put up and more time riding. This also affects the turning. This year's rendition will have and improved rounded turning radius much like the Neo.

In 2016, we saw Dacron added to the trailing edge and a new pattern to increase durability.  The 2017 iteration now has reinforced Dacron around the entire canopy. This is actually a change in the entire north line up. Due to some strut modification you can expect less flutter in your kite. Further adding to that stable feeling we’ve come to expect from the Rebel. Part of this stability is due to the non optional loaded 5th line.

In regards to who this kite is for, anyone looking for a high performance freeride kite that jumps with next to no effort. People looking for a kite that will ride up wind better than anything in the North lineup. It is exceptionally fun for hooked in freestyle tricks, thanks to consistent feed back from the kite, as well as pull and go boosting. Beginners will benefit, as well as advanced riders looking for a kite that does most of the work for you. The Rebel is North's most efficient kite.  It also takes the award for having the best boosting capabilities in the line up. This includes height and distance.

Kiteboard Options

2017 Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard

Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard

The Liquid Force Edge kiteboard is the easiest way to get started riding. Whether getting up for your first time or performing your first jump, the Edge kiteboard is sure to help you. With a bottom designed for easily cutting through the chop and almost effortless upwind cruising, the Liquid Force Edge allows you to progress every session. With medium rocker and stiff flex, this kiteboard will transition you from beginner to intermediate rider in no time.

Sizes: 136 x 42.5cm, 146 x 45cm


Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard

Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard

The focus of the Drive is rapid progression for new riders, as quickly as possible. With a simple concave bottom, the Drive gets new riders into the sport at the right price. Whether it's day 1 or day 100, the Drive will always be there to help you push your limits.

Sizes: 134 x 39.5cm, 137 x 40.5cm, 140 x 41.5cm, 143 x 42cm


Harness Options

Extra small and XXL sizes are available upon request.

dakine-2017s-2017s-610934142211-10001226-chameleon-camo-main-93602.1486145807.1280.1280.jpgDakine Chameleon Waist/Seat Harness

Dakine has really knocked it out of the park with their new hybrid waist/seat harness. If you are new to the sport of kiteboarding and are not sure if you want a waist harness or seat harness, the Chameleon is for you. 

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
X-Small 28-30" 71-76cm
Small 30-32" 76-81cm
Medium 32-34" 81-86cm
Large 34-36" 86-91cm
X-Large 36-38" 91-96cm


2016 Dakine Renegade Harness

Dakine Renegade Waist Harness

Most package deals you find out there come with a basic harness, something completey functional, yet lacking the sophistication of more high-end models. The Renegade is an uncompromsing premium harness that promises and delivers both comfort and longevity. The Dakine Renegade is a must for those who are planning on spending serious time on the water, and want something that will last for years to come. 


Flotation Vest

Liquid Force Supreme Vest - Yellow / Black

2016 Liquid Force Supreme Vest

The Liquid Force Supreme Vest features a moderate foam filling for extra flotation and impact protection. Fully reversible, you're able to wear this vest in a chic black or seafoam green.

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
Small 35-38" 88-96cm
Medium 37-40" 93-101cm
Large 39-42" 99-106cm
X-Large 41-44" 104-111cm


Select your kite size, kiteboard, harness, and remember to indicate what color you want in the colors below. Made all of your choices? Good - it looks like you're just about ready to hit the water. Congratulations on your new gear, and welcome to the sport. We can almost guarantee it is going to change your life.

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