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Aaron Johnson

Aaron "Huggybear" Johnson

Weight - 185ish

Riding Style - Random

In shop - Sometimes...

Instructor - Qualified?? 

Favorite spot to ride - Skeetown, with a North Mo chaser

Favorite Quote - “Dude, I’ve got class..."

Hopes for future - Fun

Dream Quiver

  • Kites:           North Neo 12m / 9m / 7m / North Click Bar
  • aaron-johnson.jpgHarnesses:   ION Vertex Select
  • Boards:        Surfboards
  • Waterwear:   ION wetsuits
  • Facial Hair:   Grey

"An Intimate Look"

  1. Slicks or waves? Yes, please!
  2. Boots or straps? Boot it.
  3. Ski or snowboard? Knuckle-dragger.
  4. Burger or Burrito? Burger, medium, with avocado and swiss.
  5. Warm or windy? Um...both.
  6. Coffee or energy drink? Black.
  7. Big board or big kite? OK.
  8. Sleep or shred? Shred. Always shred.
  9. Big air or big trick? Stick the trick.
  10. Zep or Beatles? Zep.
  11. Hug or Hi five? Hug. Never 5.
  12. Off road or pavement? Two-trackn’
  13. Reef or Beach break? Beachy.
  14. Quad or Thruster? Both.
  15. Flat or Rockered out? Rocker, yo.
  16. Powder or Park? Always powder!

Aaron's Top Picks For Gear: