2018 Cabrinha S:QUAD Kite Surfboard

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2018 Cabrinha S:QUAD Kite Surfboard

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Developed for traditional waveriding with strong winds and large, pumping swell, the 2018 Cabrinha S:Quad continues to dominate. The inline strap configuration, paired with the relatively narrow shape affords the rider the ability to use (or not use) straps. The S:Quad features a quad fin box, keepings things loose and skatey, especially with the smooth bamboo sandwich construction.

What Cabrinha has to say about the 2018 S:QUAD

The Spade is our all new ultra-versatile performance surfboard. It has prominent design features that make it excel in the surf and in the air. It starts with a slightly wider and curvier outline than the S:Quad, lending itself to tight turns in the pocket of any sized wave. The three fin configuration promotes rail to rail, and a top to bottom surfing. The wide outline also makes this board incredibly lively under your feet allowing you to generate speed even in onshore surf. The Spade will make your aerial maneuvers look pro with its generous amount of pop. The Parabolic Ridge creates our signature concave deck which is perfect for strapless trick riding.

Features and Benefits

  • Power surfing performance
  • Signature parabolic ridge design
  • Double concave deck
  • Nice grip on the rail for performing strapless tricks
  • Includes four (4) RTM fins, deck pod pads, & mounting hardware.


  Size Width Thickness Volume

2018 S:QUAD

5'7" 18.5" 2.11" 22.3L
5'9" 19.1" 2.21" 24.7L


Bamboo Sandwich Tech

All 2018 surfboards feature our unique Bamboo / Cork Sandwich Technology. This technology implements a lightweight EPS core, wrapped with flexible and durable bamboo and cork reinforcement.

Parabolic Ridge Design

Creates a double concave deck which makes a positive platform for your feet when riding strapless.  Allows the deck to increase in thickness without making the rail thicker.  Increases the grip on the rail when performing strapless tricks.

Fin Tech - Soric®

Flexible core material and infusion medium in one.  For closed mould processes Lantor offers a unique and patented product range of core materials that are both flexible and compression resistant.  During the infusion process, the Soric® core works as a flow medium and enables steady and inter-laminar impregnation.  Once the process is finished, the impregnated Soric® is an excellent bonded honeycomb structured core that offers weight reduction and cost efficient stiffness.

Crossover Surf

This category is the most traditional surf category.  These boards are made to ride in side shore and side offshore conditions and are capable of surfing larger, faster, moving waves.  The narrower outlines and lower volumes are meant to provide you with powerful carving turns and speed.  if you like to ride fast and hard these boards are for you.

Cabrinha Style Guide*

Onshore Waves                    
Sideshore Waves                    
Large Surf                    
Small Surf                    
Surf Freestyle                    
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2018 Cabrinha Surf Strap Options

ultsurfstrap.jpg2018 Cabrinha Ultralight Straps

The Ultralight strap is a minimal coverage strap that provides maximum board connection. The comfortable and very lightweight footstrap is perfect for surfing , foiling and racing, keeping you locked in with a direct feel.  The Ultralight non-adjustable strap gives you that perfect fit and foot placement stability when you ride.

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