2018 Cabrinha Drifter Kiteboarding Kite

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  • 2018 Cabrinha Drifter Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2018 Cabrinha Drifter Kiteboarding Kite


2018 Cabrinha Drifter Kiteboarding Kite

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The ever-popular wave kite from Cabrinha, the Drifter, went under the knife for 2018 and shows a fresh new design. What was once a dedicated waveriding tool now shows capabilities in other areas, including foilboarding, freeriding, and even a little freestyle, without sacrificing any of it's dominance in the waves. A newly redesigned bridle and canopy shape allows the rider to choose between a core surfing mode and a high performance freestyle/freeride mode with more low-end power and jumping capability. For 2018, the Drifter features Cabrinha's Pure Profile Panels which smooth out the arc shape in the kite, providing a more efficient and smooth flight for the canopy.

The entire lineup of 2018 Cabrinha kites has been updated with High Tenacity Dacron, a canopy material specifically designed with inflated kite structures in mind. Slight modifications of each canopy design have been made to accommodate this new high-performance material, selected for many reasons. It has a tendency to return to it's original shape much faster than other dacron, making for a much "snappier" feel when turning the kite. Additionally, it shows much greater resistance to wear over time.

2018 Cabrinha Drifter Overview w/ Nathan

Today we're going to be discussing the all-new 2018 Cabrinha Drifter. Now all new and for good reason, the Drifter has been redesigned for 2018. It's the first time it's been redesigned since its inception in 2012. Read more on the Drifter, here...

360 view: Drag to rotate, scroll to zoom

360 view: Drag to rotate, scroll to zoom

What Cabrinha has to say about the 2018 Drifter

Purpose built for kite surfing, the Drifter is known for its drift stability, precise turning, and instant power and depower. Dominating the podium with multiple World Tour Kitesurfing Wave Championship titles in both the men’s and women's divisions, it delivers a perfect blend of the best elements for riding waves. Three well-placed struts keep the profile of the kite upright and compact, so you can turn on a dime and power and depower on command. Two bridle tuning options optimize performance for offshore wind conditions or onshore winds. Its standout characteristic, coined “Slack Line Drift”, defines its exceptional ability to drift downwind and stay aloft when the lines are slackened. The Drifter’s ability to get you up and going with a short depower travel allows you to drop in, accelerate, then dump the power completely to snap or carve turns. These characteristics combined that have put this kite at the top of its class for six years running.

Features and Benefits

  • Dedicated surf kite
  • Best ‘slack line drift’ on the market
  • Exclusive Onshore and Offshore tuning options
  • Precision turning
  • Get all the power you need, with the ability to dump it for a pure surf feeling
  • Amazing relaunch
  • Quick kite acceleration and deceleration
  • Excellent for surf freestyle with a surfboard, skimboard, or wakeboard

Design Profile - 3 Strut, Hybrid design, Wing tip coning, 2 bridle setting options


High Tenacity Dacron

Our all new Dacron is specifically designed for inflated kite structures. The construction of this material is very warp oriented using ultra high tenacity yarns with an increased thread count to combat elongation in the warp direction under high inflation pressures. Lower elongation makes for a more accurate kite with less deformation while in flight.

Pure Profile Panels

The strategically placed panels provide ultimate control over the aerodynamic profiles in the kite. Smooth and stable profile entry. Improved overall kite efficiency, performance, and range. Faster flying through the sky giving you a broader range of performance. 

Skeletal Frame

Provides the structure that keeps the kite design true to its intended shape while in flight. The stable frame drives the kite through turbulence with a minimal amount of deformation and has excellent overall de-power. The inflated leading edge introduces the laminar flow of air across the kite's Pure Profile Panels, for a quick recovery if stalled and prevents the kite folding on itself. The inflatable structure reduces the amount of bridling required for stability. It also provides safety by providing some flotation in the water and enables an easy re-launch.

Volae Materials

Our exclusive line of high-quality woven fabric has been designed specifically for kitesurfing. The Volae materials are made with accuracy and consistency, and are guaranteed for every kite we make. Our 2DR Double Ripstop material is designed to provide a lightweight, yet durable, canopy with extremely low stretch properties.  This translates into a kite with the ability to lock in its intended shape, while remaining ultra-reactive to rider input.

Aspect Ratio

A long, narrow wing generally has a high aspect ratio, where as a short, stubby wing has a low aspect ratio. A high aspect ratio designs makes the kite fly forward and point upwind incredibly well, The lower the aspect ratio design is more responsive and provides a consistent and stable pull.

1X Security

Upon activation of 1X's single line flagging system the power of a kite is immediately killed and it will rest motionless on the water or land.

Sprint System W/ Airlock

The Sprint inflation systems is the most efficient and easy way to get your kite inflated and deflated quickly. The enlarged Airlock valve quickly feeds air into all of the struts from a single location. The Airlock connection to the Sprint pump requires no special adapters. Once inflated, you can lock off each strut independently to keep your kite's rigid frame, and isolate any accidental strut deflation from the rest of the kite. when the session is over, the entire kite will deflate in seconds thanks to the Airlock valves's large dump feature.

Dynamic Arc

Dynamic arc allows the kites to have two distinct arc shapes. The arc of the kite takes on one shape while flying and another shape while in resting mode on the water.  While resting on the water the arc opens up slightly to facilitate an easier relaunch. 

Power Control

Every Cabrinha kite comes with a simple, user adjustable way to choose the power level of the kite.  Each rear line "pig tail" connector has three power positions you can connect to.  The middle position is the factory recommended position.  However, the user can choose to create more power by connecting the knot closest to the kite or less power by connecting to the knot closest to the the rider.

Pro Span

Improves the relationship between the actual canopy area and the "usable" canopy area. A majority of the kite's surface area is working for you in a lifting capacity which also improves speed and upwind performance. The key element is not the flat canopy area and aspect ratio of the design, but the in-flight projected area and projected aspect ratio. Once it takes shape in-flight the power comes from the efficiency, and the efficiency comes from reducing the induced drag of the overall wing by having more usable area focused in the projected power producing section of the wing.

Onshore/ Offshore

Offshore setting optimizes performance for surfing in side shore and offshore wind. This facilitates better upwind ability which allows for easier cutbacks in offshore wind.  Onshore setting optimizes performance for surfing in side shore and onshore wind.  This setting provides for the maximum amount of "drift" as well as tighter turning.  

Slackline Drift

The ability to park itself and stay aloft longer when the lines go slack so you can focus entirely on riding the wave.

Wind Range*

Size Knots MPH
4 M 25 - 47 28 - 54
5 M 23 - 40 26 - 46
6 M 21 - 37 24 - 42
7 M 18 - 35 20 - 40
8 M 16 - 33 18 - 38
9 M 14 - 30 16 - 34
10 M 13 - 27 15 - 31
11 M 11 - 26 12 - 30
12 M 10 - 23 11 - 26
13 M 9 - 21 10 - 24

*For riders around 175 lbs (79 kg). These are guidelines only. Please consult us via Live Chat or over the phone at 800-622-4655 for sizing questions.

Cabrinha Performance Profile*

Big Air                    
Turning Speed                    
Hang Time                    
Low-end Power                    
Upwind Ability                    
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

*Copyright of Cabrinha

2018 Cabrinha Control Bar Options

1xtrimlitequickloop-94899.1501550276.1280.1280-1.jpg2018 Cabrinha 1X Fixed Length TrimLite Control Bar

The returning Cabrinha 1X with TrimLite Control System sets the standard for simplicity and safety. The lightweight design and fixed length design of the bar allows the rider to keep things simple, while still featuring the exceptional safety system of the Overdrive bars, the QuickLoop.

44cm x 22m - Kite sizes 4 - 11 meters

52cm x 22m - Kite sizes 6 - 15 meters

60cm x 22m - Kite sizes 12 - 18 meters

2018 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Adj Trimlite Control Barodtrimlitequickloop-48300.1501553600.1280.1280.jpg

Back for it's third season, the 2018 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X bar is available with TrimLite depower adjustment, keeping things simple. Featuring a standard cleat and line design, the TrimLite makes adjustment easy and precise. The 2018 model also features a new center fitting with a larger opening and higher degree of turning and a new EVA grip pattern with Finger Bumps.

48-56cm x 22m - Kite sizes 4-18 meters


odrecoilquickloop-63904.1501553592.1280.1280.jpg2018 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Adj Recoil Control Bar

The Recoil depower setup keeps your trim adjustment quick and easy to access, allowing you to be constantly in control of your power. The 2018 model also features a new center fitting with a larger opening and higher degree of turning and a new EVA grip pattern with Finger Bumps.

48-56cm x 22m - Kite sizes 4-18 meters

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