2017 Slingshot Karolina Pro Kiteboard

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2017 Slingshot Karolina Pro Kiteboard

Built from the hype of the 2016 Refraction Karolina board, this year Slingshot introduces the 2017 Karolina Pro. This dedicated freestyle board was engineered with hard-charging, aggressive female riders in mind. Having been built to the specifications of world champion Karolina Winkowska, it’s easily able to generate great power with or without boots. The subtle V-spine and aggressive rocker line allow for smooth, soft landings while riding powered up. Raised edges allow for effortless catch-free rail riding. Coupled with the new Carbon bedrock inserts, the Karolina Pro will flex and pop like no other board before.

What Slingshot has to say about the 2017 Karolina Pro

Building on the popularity of last year’s Refraction Karolina model, this freestyle-focused board is designed with hard-charging, aggressive and powered-up female riders in mind.  It is modeled to the demands of world champion Karolina Winkowska.  You will generate great power with or without boots and will love its smooth load and pop. It’s great for big airs and cushy landings thanks to a progressive rocker profile, subtle V-spine and wood core construction.  When you press on rails or fun boxes, you will notice that you’re pressing on a flat surface with raise edges that prevents you from catching an edge.

You’ll love the Karolina Pro if you’re an aggressive female rider who wants a freestyle-specific board that will take you, and your game, to the next level.

Slingshot Binding Options

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2017 Bolt-On Strap Kit

Returning for 2017, the Slingshot Bolt-On 6.0 is updated with a lower profile strap that allows for a better fit and reduces bulk and weight. The Bolt-On's are fully adjustable with five different stance angles, and feature a plush footbed with rigid toe grips, allowing for the ultimate comfort and hold.

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2017 Dually Strap Kit

The all-new Dually 2.0 is the go-to footstrap for riders looking for support, cushion, and excellent hold, while maintaining the ease of use that straps are known for. The Dually is designed with a dual-zone adjustments, allowing riders to customize their board connection experience.

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