2017 Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness - Red

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  • Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness - Red
  • Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness - Red
  • Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness - Red
  • Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness - Red
  • Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness - Fixed Hook Spreader
  • 2017 Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness - Red
  • Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness - Carbon Slider
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2017 Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness

Red Theme

Topping the charts of kiteboarding harness innovation, Ride Engine comes back a second year with stunning colors and additional comfort. What's new? How about the improved molding process to increase strength? Better yet, Ride Engine has also increased padding in the waist belt allows a better connection to the spreader bar. Since Ride Engine is practically a cast for your waist, with the increased padding you'll feel more secure and more even load dispersion. Eliminate rib pain, hot spots, and pesky harness shifting in this low-profile cut harness. Ride Engine is a harness for the people, with the people's comfort as first priority.

Ride Engine harnesses are intended to be used with Ride Engine spreader bars. Any modification, pairing with non-Ride Engine components or spreader bars or use outside of the product’s intended purpose is not recommended, many not be safe and will void the product’s warranty.

Who is the harness for?

Everyone who kiteboards with the correct spreader bar choice.

Who is this not for?

Simply put... Someone who cannot afford it. While we believe that every rider will love this harness we also realize that for a lot of riders price is a paramount concern. We often say that other than sizing the harness might be the most important key to enjoying kiteboarding. With that in mind, maybe pick up some cans, mow a neighbor's lawn, sell some crap. Heck stop paying your rent, you will be spending all your time riding anyway.

Whats the difference between the Ride Engine harnesses?

The answer to these questions come down to weight and rigidity. The more expensive harnesses simply get stiffer and lighter, especially with the addition of the Sliding Carbon spreader bar. The Pro models are carbon and have different graphics. For most the Hex-Core will fill every need without compromise but who does not like some cool graphics or the light weight of carbon.

What Ride Engine has to say about the Hex-Core

If you’ve ever dealt with a harness that doesn’t fit properly, hurts your back, rides up too high, shifts from side to side, squeezes your waist under load or inhibits your range of motion, Ride Engine’s hard-shell harness is your problem solver.

The magic lies in Ride Engine’s innovative hard-shell design that locks firmly into your lumbar and spreads load evenly across your back and sides. Based on hundreds of custom molds taken from riders’ backs during Ride Engine’s early days, the shell provides an unrivaled ergonomics and allows for a low-profile, high-performance fit that will literally change your entire kiteboarding experience. The Hex Core model is made from an exclusive injection honeycomb core technology. This creates the super strong but light weight shell that the rest of the harness is built around.

For freestyle and unhooked riding, pair the Hex Core harness with our standard fixed-hook spreader bar. For surfing and general hooked-in freeriding, pair it with our metal or carbon slider bar.

For 2017, we’ve improved our injection molding process for increased strength and visual appeal and have added an additional layer of padding to the integrated waist belt for a more comfortable connection with the spreader bar pad. We’ve also added two new sizes- XS and XXL- to fit a broader range of body types.

Sizing Tips from Nathan

The 11 options of spreader bars ensure that every rider will have a perfect harness/bar interface. The sliding spreader, carbon sliding spreader, and hook spreader are all available in a variety of 6", 8", 10", and 12" sizes. If you are dropping a size, you may benefit from the 10" bar, whereas if you are staying with your normal size the 8" will provide a tighter fit for those medium body riders. Essentially this creates a half size. Personally I am a 31" waist, and usually ride a medium in Dakine, Mystic, Ion, Prolimit, and NP. For Engine harnesses I use a small harness with a 10" spreader. For freestyle I go with a hook spreader bar. while for wave riding or foilboarding I prefer the sliding spreader bar. No need for multiple harnesses, the bar change is easy and quick and in a couple minutes I am ready to ride in whatever style I would like. The hook is great for those who want to unhook, but where most riders will find their match is the sliding bar. Not only does it allow your hips to articulate and drive comfortably in the right direction, but the reduced leverage on the bar brings your bar closer to your body, provides a more secure connection, and kills spreader bar rib jab for good.

Ride Engine Harness Sizing

Waist Size (Inches) 26-30" 31-32" 32-34" 35-36" 37-39" 40-42"
Waist Size (Centimeters) 66-76 78-81 81-86 89-91 94-99 102-107
Harness Small Small Medium Medium Large X-Large
Bar Size 8" 10" 8" 10" 10" 10"

*Ride Engine employs a unique spreader bar system that is not compatible with other spreader bars.


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    A little disapointed

    Posted by CLAUDIA B. on 13th Apr 2018

    Actually I bought the 2018 harness, the straps to attach the bar are extremely long, I had to cut them all, the lock to these straps are under an elastic pocket that makes it a nightmare to release or fasten the straps, I had to cut them out of both sides, the rings to attach the leash are too sideways, what makes unconfortable to use short leashes, specially with the sliding spreader bar, when the hook is pulled to the oposite side as in toe side, the leadh crosses in front in a very weird podition. In the other hand it is the most confortable harness ever! Just need a better designer team.

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