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  • 2017 Liquid Force Hifi X2 Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2017 Liquid Force Hifi X2 Kiteboarding Kite

2017 Liquid Force Hifi X2 Kiteboarding Kite

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Product Description

2017 Liquid Force Hifi X2 Kiteboarding Kite


Kiting World Champion Christophe Tack’s kite of choice. That should speak for itself, but we’ll clarify - if you want a C-kite that will offer incredible performance and lots of durability, look no further. Capable of handling any situation from advanced, very technical tricks to casual freestyling, this kite will allow you to progress and shred with the best of them. Top-of-the-line performance is the name of the game here.

What Liquid Force has to say about the Hifi X2

As the reigning World Champion’s kite of choice, you can expect nothing but raw, legendary performance from the HiFi X2. Stacked with state of the art features, this kite offers everything that Christophe Tack needed to take the last PKRA world title amidst the fiercest competitive season ever. Atfer providing design input over the past couple of years, Tack now flies his dream: a modern and pure C-kite that delivers it all. Packed with potent and empowering qualities, the HiFi X2 features explosive pop, easily controllable slack, light bar pressure, reduced weight, fast flying, and a very crisp and direct feel.

The HiFiX2 offers important modern C-kite refinements, including a symmetrical panel layout for extended longevity and uniform stretch, as well as less use of Dacron material for reduced weight and a higher caliber, precise feel. Durable and resilient as ever, the HiFiX2 is engineered to take a beating as you learn new tricks, and offers adjustable settings for customizable turning speed, bar input and bar feedback.

Whether you’re into new school technical tricks, massive kiteloops, or old school freestyle, this 5-line, true C-kite is engineered to help you evolve and perform like the most demanding competitive freestyle rider on the planet. In short, the HiFiX2 offers peak performance worthy of LF’s very own World Champion.

2017 Liquid Force Control Bar Options

2017 LF Mission 4L Adjustable Bar

2017 LF Mission 4L Adjustable Control BarNew for the 2017 lineup, the memo of the Mission is functionality, pure and simple. LF took the liberty of reexamining each aspect of the control bar in order to obtain the highest standards not only in quality, but safety and performance as well. Having undergone extensive testing in both the lab and the field, Liquid Force is proud to announce this new bar. With a minimalistic shape for enhanced functionality, the bar uses a molded technology to reduce weight and add strength. As a bonus feature, it can be converted to the 5th line system with an adjustment kit.