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  • 2017 Cabrinha Apollo Kiteboarding Kite

2017 Cabrinha Apollo - Now 50% Off

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Product Description

2017 Cabrinha Apollo Kitesurfing Kite

Video | Features | Technology | Wind Range | Performance Profile | Bar Options 

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New for 2017, the Apollo rockets into the kiteboarding world with a design unlike any other. What we have with the Apollo is an incredibly efficient, stable, and powerful bow kite ready to blast upwind and boost huge. Massive jumps, you say? Yes - of course. Unlike a few of the fateful Apollo missions, this Apollo will actually boost to the moon and back with a very lofty, long, and stable flight. It provides power in an incredibly efficient manner, with it's high-aspect shape and flight toward the forward bit of the window. The 2017 Apollo is designed for riding where the speed of the kite is critical, whether you're looking for massive jumps, extreme efficiency, or even race crossover. Yes, the Apollo can be used as a race or foiling kite, but don't let that fool you - it's incredibly easy to fly.

Video Overview

MACkite Chats About the 2017 Cabrinha Apollo Kite: An Overview

The Apollo is an amazing performance freeride kite. I know we all remember the Crossbow. It was a great jumping, a performance lightwind kite in some ways. It actually was pretty good in the waves. It was efficient and it just launched. It was just an awesome all around kite. And we were pretty sad to see it go away, although the switchblade kind of made up for it. Cabrinha felt that they lacked in that performance freeride category as a kite for someone who wants ultimate efficiency. View the video transcription, here...

What Cabrinha has to say about the 2017 Apollo

The Apollo is a performance freeride kite designed to pull every bit of power out of the atmosphere and deliver it right into your hands. It is purpose built for kiteboarding, meaning that it has been designed from the ground up specifically for the sport of kiteboarding. The inflated skeletal frame of the kite sets it apart from a ram air kite in many ways. The skeletal frame provides the structure that keeps the kite design true to its intended shape while in-flight. In shifty winds, the inflated struts drive the kite through turbulence with a minimal amount of deformation. The inflated leading edge structure of the kite introduces the laminar flow of air across the kite’s Pure Profile panels, making it very stable even at low speeds. These inflation properties make the Apollo unbeatable as a light wind performance kite and incredibly accurate as a high wind kite. It also goes without mention that an inflatable kite is much more reliable to relaunch, thereby making the Apollo much safer and much more fun to ride than a ram air kite.

Features & Benefits

  • Exponential power delivery
  • Fast flying performance
  • Excellent hangtime
  • Optimize efficiency
  • High aspect ratio for optimum upwind performance
  • Huge wind range
  • Excellent lift to aid in tacking and jibing maneuvers
  • Inflatable structure

Design Profile - 5 Strut, Bow kite design, Pro Span technology, High aspect ratio, 3 bridle setting options


Pro Span

Improves the relationship between the actual canopy area and the lifting canopy area. With Pro Span, a majority of the kite’s surface area is working for you in a lifting capacity which also improves speed and upwind performance. The key element is not the flat canopy area and aspect ratio of the design, but the in-flight projected area and projected aspect ratio. Once it takes shape in-flight the power comes from the efficiency, and the efficiency comes from decreasing the induced drag of the overall wing by having more lifting area focused in the “projected” power producing section of the wing. The defining feature of the Apollo is its ultra high aspect design which translates into a higher projected span.

Pure Profile Panels

The layout starts in segmented sections in the design software, but, in-flight its natural shape is a smooth arc. In order to make the transition between segmented and curved, we doubled the aerodynamic control by cutting each canopy panel in half at the center section, providing the ultimate curvature control which is where 90% of the performance comes from. When a kite is clean and smooth it will be faster through the sky giving you a broader range of performance.

A - B Wing Tip Setting Options

We offer multiple tuning options this season which completely change the way a kite flies. These options allow you to customize the feedback and bar pressure, adjust where the kite sits in the window, and balance the power/ de-power range of the kite.

Cabrinha highly recommends testing the different settings for yourself to find out what feels the best to you.

A = The lightest bar pressure and lightest steering initiation.
B = Much more feedback, more bar pressure, shortened depower, and more steering impulse to know where the kite is.

Power Control

Power Control settings quickly adjust the power level of the kite. Each rear line “pig tail” connector has three power positions which you can connect to. The middle position is the factory recommended position. Create more power by connecting the knot closest to the kite or less power by connecting to the knot closest to the rider.

Dynamic Arc

A dynamic arc allows the kite to have two distinct arc shapes. The kite takes on one shape while flying, and another shape while in resting mode on the water. The flying shape occurs as soon as the kite gets airborne and the front lines are under tension. The flying shape is the kite’s intended shape which is optimized for the intended usage. The arc shape is held in place by a simple set of bridling. The dynamic arc shape occurs when the kite is not in flight, such as when the kite is resting on the water in relaunch mode. The dynamic arc allows the kite to open its span and orient the wingtips in a position to facilitate a super quick relaunch.

2DR Double Ripstop

Cabrinha’s exclusive line of high-quality woven fabrics has been designed specifically for kitesurfing. Unlike many of the generic sailcloths available in today’s kites, the Volae materials have been specially developed to our exact specifications. The development process has taken over 5 years to create this dedicated kite material, which delivers the lowest stretch and highest durability on the market.

Skeletal Frame

All Cabrinha kites are designed and built on a Skeletal Frame foundation. We start by placing the most durable, 160 gsm Dacron material into a framework that locks in the intended shape. We then create the canopy shape and profiles with a light weight yet highly durable 53 gsm polyester woven material. We build on the durability of the canopy material with a second layer of 53 gsm two-ply material over the high stress strut sections. Next, we layer into the perimeter a 75 gsm, double ripstop reinforcement material to combat the extreme loads that are placed on the trailing edge and wing tip areas of the kite. Finally, we complete the kite with details such as molded EVA chafe protectors, robust leading edge protectors, and triple row stitching at the high stress inter-segment seams near the center of the kite. We seal it all up with a woven nylon ribbon reinforcement on the leading edge closing seam.

Sprint Airlock

The Sprint Inflation System with Airlock is the most efficient and easy way to get your kite pumped up. The large one-way Airlock valve quickly feeds air into all of the struts from a single location. The Airlock connection to the Sprint pump now requires no special adapters. Once inflated, you can lock off each strut independently to keep your kite’s rigid frame, and isolate any accidental strut deflation from the rest of the kite. When the session is over, the entire kite will deflate in seconds thanks to the Airlock valve’s large dump feature.

1X Security System

The 1X is not a depower system, it is a full blown shut down system. The 1X relies on only one line to immediately shut down the power of the kite whether it be on land or water in all wind conditions.

Wind Range*

Size Knots MPH
7 16 - 32 18 - 37
8 14 - 29 16 - 33
9 12 - 26 14 - 30
10 10 - 22 11 -25
12 8 - 18 9 - 21
14 7 - 16 8 -18
16 6 - 14 7 -16

*For riders around 175 lbs (79 kg). These are guidelines only. Please consult us via Live Chat or over the phone at 800-622-4655 for sizing questions.

Cabrinha Performance Profile*

Big Air                    
Turning Speed                    
Hang Time                    
Low-end Power                    
Upwind Ability                    
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

*Copyright of Cabrinha

Cabrinha Control Bar Options

2017 Cabrinha Overdrive Adj TrimLite Control Bar2017 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Adj TrimLite Control Bar

Refined after years of testing and development in the market, the 2017 Cabrinha Overdrive Bar features on-the-fly adjustment that keeps you properly set up no matter your kite size. The ability to quickly adjust the turning speed of your kite with the simple pull of a toggle is invaluable while working on progression and your preferences on the water.

48-56cm x 22m - Kite sizes 4-18 meters

2017 Cabrinha Overdrive Adj Recoil Control Bar

2017 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Adj Recoil Control Bar

Refined after years of testing and development in the market, the 2017 Cabrinha Overdrive Bar features on-the-fly adjustment that keeps you properly set up no matter your kite size. The Recoil depower setup keeps your trim adjustment quick and easy to access, allowing you to be constantly in control of your power. 

2017 Cabrinha Fixed Length TrimLite Control Bar2017 Cabrinha 1X Fixed Length TrimLite Control Bar

The Cabrinha 1X with TrimLite Control System, returining, sets the standard for simplicity and safety. The lightweight design and fixed length design of the bar allows the rider to keep things simple, while still featuring the exceptional safety system of the Overdrive bars, the QuickLoop.

44cm x 22m - Kite sizes 4-11 meters

52cm x 22m - Kite sizes 6-15 meters

60cm x 22m - Kite sizes 12-18 meters


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