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2013 Cabrinha Kiteboarding IDS Bar & Line set

  • 2013 Cabrinha IDS Control Bar and Lines
  • 2013 Cabrinha IDS Control Bar and Lines - Quicklink
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Product Description

2013 Cabrinha Kiteboarding IDS Control Bar

The world's most advanced control system

You will not find a more ergonomic kiteboarding bar. The Cabrinha Quicklink IDS has more built in features than any bar on the market. Quicklink is the cleanest and safest kiteboarding bar on the market today. QuickLink is the first kiteboarding control system on the market to internalize all the components in a bar - lines, swivels and quick releases are all locked into the bar to keep your kiteboard bar uncluttered and easy to use. Cabrinha kites has incoorporated 14 different functions that work intuitively with you, the kiteboarder, for efficient, safe and easy operation. Cabrinha's QuickLink continues with the tradition of IDS safety - 3 stages of security releases for maximum safety.

Kiteboarding Bar Size Chart

55cm - Recommended for 11 -14 meter kites

All bar sizes will work for all however kites. Bar sizes are recommended for typical kiteboarders in normal conditions. If you are a light weight rider and flying smaller kites in lighter winds your bar size could move up one size.

Quicklink Features

  1. Recoil + Ergonomic Trim Adjusters
    One of Quicklink's defining features is our recoil trim adjuster. Recoil keeps your trim adjusters in the same position every time. Even after you've depowered your kite, recoil will return the trim adjusters to the exact same position for easy operation. In 2013 Cabrinha has modified the trim adjustment handles to deliver a more positive grip.
  2. Double Barrel Tubing
    One of the features allowing us to internalize everything is the dual chamber PU tubing. The protective PU tube allows the depower mainline and the IDS landing line to run through the center of the bar without the risk of abrasion or tangling.
  3. Floating Bar Ends 
    The EVA ends are buoyant enough to float the entire control system with lines attached thus making the bulky floats on the leader lines unnecessary. The tips have flex grooves which aid in the bending of the tips while winding your lines onto the bar or while steering your kite.
  4. Quick Release
    The main QR has been improved by Cabrinha in 2013 to allow for a simple and easy re-connection on land or water. To reconnect, simply push the QR up until it catches on the hook, insert the pin through the tower and cover the pin with the QR
  5. Internal Swivel
    Quicklink boasts an internal swivel which allows the rider to manually unspin any twists in their lines. The IDS landing line and depower main line spin in unison eliminating the possibility of tangling.
  6. Spinning Leash
    The leash can rotate freely around the harness loop.
  7. Secondary QR
    Located below the main QR the secondary QR allows the rider to completely disconnect from their kite if the situation calls for it. As a safety precaution, Cabrinha has designed it so that the secondary QR can't be activated until after the main QR is activated first.
  8. Removable Security Pin
    The centrally located security pin is easily removable for those who would like to ride unhooked. The center location of the pin also serves to reduce foul hooking.
  9. New Flying Lines for 2013
    In 2013 Cabrinha Kites have improved the finish on their flying lines in order to reduce stretch. The improved finish also makes the separation of your lines effortless.

Product Videos

2013 IDS Operation (04:57)
2013 Cabrinha Tech Tip explaining the general operation of the Intelligent Depower System (IDS).
  • 2013 IDS Opera...
    2013 Cabrinha Tech Tip explaining the general operation of the...
  • 2013 Quicklink...
    Resetting and reassembly tutorial on the 2013 Cabrinha Quickli...

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