2011 HQ Apex III Power Kite

2011 HQ Apex III Power Kite2011 HQ Apex III Power Kite

The HQ kites Apex 3 is our number 1 selling snow kiting kite. We were thrilled when we test flew this new kite. HQ kites added extra stability at the top of the flying window for super ease of use. Depower has been ramped up to give you an extra 2-3 mile wind window in those gusty winter kiteboarding conditions. A bit quicker turning for some extra pop while snow kiting on frozen lakes is another added bonus. The Apex 3 is also great for landboarding and kite buggying too.

The new Apex 3 has been refined to provide an outstanding level of performance and handling. Beginners will feel comfortable from the first flight while seasoned kiters will enjoy the powerful, reliable and stable flight characteristics that make the Apex 3 popular with snowkiters accessing deep powder in the backcountry.

The stability, depower and turning speed have been increased to obtain more power from the bottom end when climbing slopes in the mountains. The Apex 3 is the tool of choice in strong and gusty winds for reliable and predictable handling in extreme conditions.

- new double-pulley speed system
- new bar and chickenloop
- good turning kite and comfortable bar feeling
- high depower for max. safety and high wind performance

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 2011 HQ Apex III Power Kite